What is sdlc?

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SDLC is an acronym for Software Development Life Cycle. It is also sometimes referred to as System Development Life Cycle. In simple words it the process, methods or a set of methodologies applied to create or alter software projects. Each of these methodologies defines unique way to create a new software module or program.

What is sdlc methodology?

There are basically five common types of approach and techniques which defines the foundation pillar of the software development life cycle. These techniques are called sdlc methodology. They are – Waterfall model, Incremental Model, Spiral model, Prototyping model and Win-Win Spiral Model.

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SDLC Definition

SDLC is a process used by IT analysts in order to develop or redesign high quality software system which meets both the customer and the real world requirement taking into consideration all associated aspects of pros and cons of software testing, analysis and post process maintenance.

Waterfall model has the simplest life cycle whereas Win-Win spiral model has the most complex one. How can you decide which method or process to implement while developing a software model? It all depends on the feasibility analysis and requirement factor. For larger projects it is advisable to use Spiral and Incremental model. Using this process you can develop the programs in modules and parts which bring in more flexibility to the large project. Whereas if you have a smaller project with fixed requirement which does not require any changes during the development you can decide to go with the waterfall model.

For more information about various sdlc models and methodologies you can check out the following documents:

We have also prepared a wonderful set of commonly asked interview questions with answers on sdlc. If you are a software developer looking for white papers you can check out sdlc documentation page.

Article updated: May 2013

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  1. T.M.Venkata says:

    Seems like you have innovated a new definition out of mixed answers available. I think your definition is just unique and accurate. Just in case if you would like to know it should read … “high quality SOFTWARE system” rather than “high quality system” …

    Keep it up. And please post some more updates on Interview questions and answers.

  2. Thank you for this wonderful explanation. I am from Pakistan and presently am pursuing my Degree. This article simply made me understand the basic question about software development life cycle and its associated process. Any chance I can download this and use it for my educational purpose?

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    • My real name is – Abhinab Choudhury. As for advanced waterfall model, what would you like to know? Let me know the ref link if you are posting it in the web.

      • What is advanced waterfall model, how it came about, advantages and disadvantages that sort of stuff. because during research i found a lot of waterfall model articles but not plenty on advanced waterfall which is what i’m going to use for the school project.

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    Four things that did NOT work well while they used the Waterfall SDLC or why they disliked using it or why they recommend not using it.

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    • You can search for any topics related to sdlc using the search box. If you are unable to find you required sdlc topic please let me know and I will post it as soon as possible.

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