Software Testing Life Cycle (STLC) – Complete Tutorial

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Software Testing Life Cycle process is an integral part of the Software Development Life Cycle. The overall aspect of STLC phase deals with testing and rectifying any error code generating within the program under various test conditions.

What is STLC?

STLC Life Cycle

STLC is simply a testing phase in the SDLC development. Validation and Authentication is tried and tested in this phase. The only limitation of this cycle is that it is limited to respective individual phase and is carried out by a group of skilled testers and technology evangelistic.

STLC Life Cycle

Like SDLC, STLC has fixed phases which is mentioned in hierarchy below:

  1. TEST PLANNING – Preparing the test strategy & planning
  2. TEST DEVELOPMENT – Creating the testing environment
  3. TEST EXECUTION – Writing the test cases/Creating & Executing the Test Script
  4. RESULT ANALYSIS – Analysis result and Bug report
  5. BUG TRACKING – Analyse Bugs and application errors
  6. REPORTING – This is a post conditional process which involves collecting data from end users

Difference Between SDLC and STLC

As we can see that SDLC and STLC have some common aspects but they differ completely from each other. SDLC vs STLC is a complex debate and hence we have provided some examples to make this point clear –

1. STLC is a part of SDLC. It is like a SET and a SUBSET. We cannot have STLC running individually on its own. It needs to wait for its roll call before implementing its phases.

2. STLC is limited to Testing software module. SDLC is rather a vast model with more inputs and executions.

3. STLC is the most important part of the SDLC life cycle. One cannot release the final product without running it through STLC process.

4. STLC team requires skilled developers and Testers. The efficiency demand is rather high here in comparison to other parts of the SDLC module.

5. STLC is also a part of the post release update cycle. The bug fixes and end user reports are logged by the application. This log is checked and fixed while building and releasing the new version of the software or Program module.

You should now have a firm understanding about the Software Testing Life Cycle. If you should not understand any point in this tutorial you can ask back in the comment section. I will make sure all your queries are individually replied and explained.

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  1. Hi i am steve . I am not clear about STLC can u pls clear it for me

  2. dineshkumar says:

    i am dinesh.tomorrow i attend testing interview.i want more information about STLC and also example of how to write test case with one example.please

  3. STLC is a part of SDLC and is basically the Testing phase of SDLC.
    SDLC- Requirement gathering, designing, coding, testing, implementation, while the testing part of it is STLC which stands for software testing life cycle and it includes
    Requirement Analysis- BRD and FRD’s are studied and if any questions are raised to BA, PM.
    KT sessions are conducted with testers, where KT sessions are knowledge transfer sessions.
    Test Planning- here the scope of testing is decided like what to be tested, what not to be tested, what kind of testing is done, what tools will be used.
    Test Case Development- Cases are developed and designed based on the requirements.where each test case will have details like case ID, prioritym test name, steps descriptions, expected result of particular test.
    Environment Setup- where we decide the sofware and hardware to be used for testing.
    Test Execution- where we put cases into action and before it is done the cases are validated if they are going to give the desired result.
    TEst Cycle Closure- after testing is completed, test cycle closure is prepared stating all defects are closed and software is defect free.

  4. Mobile Application Testing says:

    Thank for posting life cycle of SDLC. this very useful information at the time of software testing means how to start the software testing and what are yhe steps we are nice.

  5. nic tutorial.. gud!!

  6. software-programmer says:

    Software Testing life Cycle is more or less very similar to to Software development life Cycle with a simple difference – stlc is limited to testing phase whereas sdlc involves many other aspects of software life cycle.

    Nice article but make sure you explain more elaborately in your next update.

  7. very informative regarding STLC

  8. himanshu sekhar jena says:

    Need some interview questions for 3yers exp ?

  9. very useful STLC presentation

  10. 1. STLC is a part of STLC.what does this means?

  11. gangaraju says:

    can anyone give one example for writting test cases correctly, and justified manner. Also if anybody ask questions with out stuck-up confidentely we should answer it. pls give very small program only.
    thank you in advance for you answer.

  12. SDLC is a framework that describes overall activity performed at each level of Software development and we can say it’s a Procedure to developing a Software.
    STLC is also a frame work that described overall testing process performed at each stage of Software Development. STLC is a cycle inside the SDLC and we can say STLC is a part of SDLC.

  13. Saubhagya says:

    What is the difference between Test Strategy and Test plan?
    Which is required to develope first Test Test Strategy or Test plan?

  14. Hi I’m excepting a tutorial on Software testing life cycle.

  15. @Saubhagya: A test plan is a document detailing a systematic approach to testing a system where test strategy is an outline of testing approach in software development cycle.

    Other folks who are looking for test cases:
    Test cases are depends on the requirement of the project. The main intent is how to test the system/project? what to test? what are the inputs? what will be the expected output? these are all based on provided PRD.

    for example:

  16. thanks for information

  17. vishnukumar c s says:

    Its helps to understand about stlc and sdlc. thankyou and i need a tutorial with some examples

  18. jnyanendu sekhar sahu says:

    Hi I’m excepting briefly on Software testing life cycle

  19. please define the steps of software testing life cycle briefly if other links are available write it.

  20. Arun Kumar Mahto says:

    i am Arun. Day after tomorrow i attend testing interview.i want more information about STLC and also example of how to write test case with one example.please

  21. shadab says:

    Please share if possible the testing standards for manual testing department

  22. Hi everyone
    I’m a new student
    can some one help me to get answers for these questions
    Question 1
    Within the scope of a software development life cycle, explain the importance
    and activities within the testing phase. In addition, How does the testing
    phase relates to other phases in the life cycle.

  23. Question 2
    What is the difference between testing and debugging? Show an example.

  24. Question 3
    Why is it important to develop test cases for both set of valid and invalid
    program behaviors? Explain your answer with an example.

  25. Question 4
    Suppose you are testing a code component and you discover a defect: it
    calculates an output variable incorrectly.
    (a) How would you classify this defect?
    (b) What are the likely causes of this defect?
    (c) What steps could have been taken to prevent this type of defect from
    propagating to the code?

  26. last question
    Question 5
    You are developing a module whose logic impacts on data acquisition for a
    flight control system. Your test manager has given you limited time and
    budget to test the module. The module is fairly complex; it has many loops,
    conditional statements, and nesting levels. You are going to unit test the
    module using white box testing approaches. Describe three test adequacy
    criteria you would consider applying to develop test cases for this module.
    What are the pros and cons for each. Which will have the highest strength?

  27. what is meaning of shared repository,
    how to use descriptive programming,VB SCRIPT in testing
    keyword driven framework
    Data driven framework
    reusable functions
    how to swap two numbers third variable
    recovery scenarios
    data table types.
    I want detailed information about these topics

  28. SDLC and STLC both are same but major difference is STLC there is only four phases 1,TEST PLANNING,

    these are the most difference b/w SDLC and STLC…………..

  29. Nilesh Parakh says:

    Nice article. Thankx for informative article

  30. Hi,
    this was lot helpful. But every now and then i’ve been asked a question that, please give the OUTPUT of each and every phase of SDLC with respect to STLC or you can say responsibility of QA in each phase of SDLC.
    Please share your views on this, and let me know the consolidated answer.

  31. hai iam interst of stlc so can u pls told me brifly explan me

  32. vaijayanti says:

    What is meant by “making test environment “?

  33. Hi there,
    I am trying to find more information about BAT from the way our company uses it we understand it to be business acceptance testing, not what most seem to refer BAT as build acceptance testing. Can I ask you to provide a better explanation on what BAT testing is, it seems to be similar to user acceptance testing but focuses solely on the business aspect rather than the end users outcomes.
    All help will be appreciated. Thank you

  34. At which phase of SDLC, STLC comes? i was asked this qsn in an interview and i replied both are kind of parallel and ends with deployment and maintenance, which by the way dint please my interviewer 😉

    • STLC is a part of SDLC life cycle. The core objective of SDLC is to ensure a planned and systematic approach in order to create the software while that of STLC is to check and ensure whatever methodology and the steps that were applied during the build has been correctly implemented by testing and evaluating that software. In short, one builds and the other one tests and approves it.

  35. Satyanand says:

    I would like to know the how logs are used to analyze the defect. and how to take log for a web based application?

  36. vinod kokare says:

    i just complite my softer testing corces

  37. Will the testing is done after the build and execution phases??

  38. sulochana nahak says:

    i m sulochana, can u expline about agile module?

  39. Hi, does anyone know if there are any disadvantages of SDLC Phase 8: Implementation? Help me please. Thank you.

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