Which is better SDLC or RAD?

Well, for all the normal minds this might seem to be a very tricky question, but if you try to analyse both of them you would eventually come to the same universal conclusion. Both of them are mutually exclusive process and there is nothing which can be compared between the two. It is like comparing Apple with Oranges. But […]

Sdlc and Stlc – Complete Phase by Phase Comparison

difference -between image

Last time I was asked by an interviewer to explain the differences between software development life cycle (sdlc) and System testing life cycle (stlc). I was very much confused and the explanation provided by the interviewer seemed pretty perfect which I have explained in my previous article. This time I was called up by a friend […]

Difference between Spiral and Waterfall Model

Waterfall Vs Spiral

Water model and Spiral model differ a lot in many aspects. The initial one is best suited for large projects with large developer team. The later one works best for complex projects which might require changes in the middle of the development process. Waterfall Model Vs Spiral Model In spiral model, we can easily adjust […]

Agile Vs Waterfall

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Agile software development undoubtedly offers advantages that a waterfall approach can’t begin to address. Where the waterfall approach is based in predictability and processes, an Agile approach focuses on adaptability and response time to changing requirements. Another important advantage of Agile over the waterfall model is the recursiveness of the work pattern. This means that we can […]

Difference between System Development Life cycle and Software development life cycle

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The first time when a search was made through Google it was found that the acronym SDLC stands for System Development life cycle. The usual wiki learning temple leads the ranking and the explanation is fair enough provided. This is something controversial as the books which we read during the academic period of our Life […]