Advanced sdlc Models

What are Advanced SDLC models? Advanced sdlc models are enhanced traditional software development models which have been modified to suit a certain project environment. The models may be very well utilized under such specific environments but they are not standard models which can be followed under normal project requirements.

Advanced Waterfall Model

Advanced Waterfall Methodology

Advanced Waterfall Model or methodology is a totally hypothetical terminology in contrast to existing sdlc models. As I have mentioned previously in my articles, that Waterfall model is the most primitive sdlc model of all times. All other models have been derived from this model directly or indirectly ever since. All the varied software models […]

Importance of sdlc Models

Importance of SDLC models in software development

Many software developers and design managers have questioned the importance of sdlc models since ages. There are many ways a project can be executed but why dependent on some pre-defined methods and models which are rather very complex and limits the creative part of the whole software development process.

Sdlc Quality Assurance

sdlc Quality Assurance Image

The quality assurance plays a very important role in sdlc progression. Although the basic structure of the sdlc models and methodologies seem to skip it but the plan is always there. A project leader can always understands its importance and he would never risk of neglecting the QA template during any part of the software […]

Software Development Agreement – What is its necessity and PDF Template Samples

Software Development Agreement Image

What is Software Development Agreement? Software Development Agreement is a legal document of written contract signed between Software Developers and Clients which point out all the responsibilities which entrusts with both the developer and the client in relation to the developed Software project. It bears the signatures of both the Client and the Software Developer. […]

SDLC Security – An Essential Checklist to Test the Project

sdlc security checklist picture

Software Development (SDLC) Security checklist is a simplified process which ensures the integrity and durability of the developed SDCL project. It is not necessarily an out of the cycle process and is most of the time executed under Software Testing Life Cycle phase. Why is sdlc Security necessary? Right, from the preliminary phase such as […]